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Virgin Trains

Produced by our friends at Catsnake, this is just one of the videos we’ve provided our sound design and mixing services for Virgin Trains.

Follow Ms T. Rain and Mr P. Lane on their journeys between London & Scotland

A long distance journey needs a First Class experience – that’s why Ms T. Rain booked her tickets direct with Virgin Trains, and downloaded the BEAM app before starting her journey for some flashy, free, onboard entertainment. She makes starting her journey a breeze by relaxing in the Virgin Trains free First Class lounge, enjoying the complimentary WiFi, coffee and newspapers – all while Mr P. Lane has been up before dawn to shuffle through those never ending airport queues! Onboard her 125mph mobile office, Ms T. Rain samples some of the many food options (eggs Benedict! – why not?) before doing that last minute prep for her business meeting. That sandwich looks great eh, Mr P. Lane?  Why land miles away and take a connection to the meeting, when Ms T. Rain arrives directly in the city centre with time to spare?

Travel in style & join the miles better club with Virgin Trains!

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