Fixing Dad

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Fixing Dad

Fixing Dad is the story of a man whose lifestyle choices caught up with him until his two sons resolved to save him. We provided full sound-supervision for this fantastic documentary, which premiered on BBC2 in 2016.

When their dad Geoff was getting his affairs in order and the threat of diabetic foot amputation loomed, film-makers Anthony and Ian Whitington decided to step in. With their cameras holding him accountable for every aspect of his destructive lifestyle, they turn his stubborn resistance into iron resolve. As Geoff fought to regain his health amidst mounting complications, his sons battled against his years of poor diet, bad habits and ingrained negativity, with little more than hope and gritty determination to get them through.

There are no quick fixes as the brothers attempt to transform their dad from a barely mobile night security guard to a fighting fit endurance cyclist and global speaker on defeating type 2 diabetes. With more than a third of adults in the UK pre-diabetic – and millions living with type 2 already – they show that if Geoff can do it, anyone can. Through humour, support and determination, the family reminds us that those we love make us strong and that a life we love is worth fighting for.

Watch The Full Film Here

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