Red Bull: Epecuén – Danny MacAskill

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Red Bull: Epecuén – Danny MacAskill

We’ve been working with Red Bull for a while now but the latest project, Epecuén, is by far the most dramatic. We did all the sound design and mixing, including delivery to DCM for cinema distribution. Creating all the nuanced sounds of Danny’s bike was a particular challenge. We completed the final mix at De Lane Lea in Soho.

Watch as Danny MacAskill brings a forgotten city back to life with his latest street trials film. Following on from 2013’s mind-blowing ‘MacAskill’s Imaginate’, Epecuén is the latest film from Danny MacAskill.

Directed by long time collaborator Dave Sowerby, we’ll see Danny take his riding back to the roots of trials riding, exploring the forgotten town of Epecuén in Argentina, a location that has been submerged for the majority of the past 25 years. Pablo Novac, Epecuén’s only resident throughout the troubled times, gives a brief history of the location culminating with his thoughts that he ‘…can no longer see what use this place has for us now,’ MacAskill however has other ideas. Danny MacAskill is renowned for pushing the levels of both his riding and filming with previous releases ‘Way Back Home’ and ‘Imaginate’ accumulating over 50 million views between them; Epecuén is set to raise the bar once again.

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