Katya and the Scarlet Sails

Director: Vika Evdokimenko
Producers: Forest Conner, David Woolner
Short, 12 mins

A story about love and dreams from rising short film director Vika Evdokimenko. A Soviet fairytale film captures the imagination of a young American, sending her on a lifelong quest for her soulmate.

We provided foley and mixing services for this quirky and enchanting short.

In 1980’s Brighton Beach, Russian emigre and high school teacher Olga screens a hopelessly romantic Soviet film to her captive audience of teenage students. But in a class of streetwise American kids, only one pupil truly gets it.Absorbed by the image of a romantic captain arriving on a ship with scarlet sails to rescue his bride, young Katya begins her earnest search for true love. Years later, after a string of tragi-comic cataclysms in her love life, 34 year-old Katya still refuses to give up faith in her teacher’s promise that she will find her perfect captain. Until the day when Katya unexpectedly meets Olga once again…


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