Burlesque Fairytales

Director: Susan Luciani
Producer: Lindsay McFarlane
Drama, 80mins

Director Susan Luciani and producer Lindsay McFarlane came to us with no budget and a 35mm film they needed to complete post on! An incredibly ambitious project, Burlesque Fairytales was a film that we couldn’t help but support. We did a dialogue edit, patched up elements of the ADR, and provided a complete effects pass.

Counting Benedict Cumberbatch among its stars, it was screened at festivals worldwide, winning Best Cinematography at Seattle Independent Film Festival and selected as the final night Gala film at both Toronto and Cannes Independent Film Festivals.


In 1930s London, the Chapel Theatre has a captive audience. Literally. They can’t remember how they got there, and they can’t get out. As the film progresses in real time, five fairy tales are re-enacted on stage, a fantastical storytelling experience mixing theatre, film, animation, giant set-pieces and natural elements. But the moment of truth is coming, and the audience have just one last chance to save themselves…

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