The Forest

Director: Ashvin Kumar
Producer: Judith James
Drama, 84mins

The Forest is the debut feature of India’s youngest ever Oscar-nominated director, Ashvin Kumar. We recorded the sound on location in the foothills of the Himalayas, and saw the film through post-production in 2005.

The complex and sophisticated score was recorded at Abbey Road Studios in a record single-day session, and we mixed the film at Rajkamal Studios in Mumbai.

The film premiered at Cannes Film Festival in 2009.

The Forest follows big city couple Pritam and Radha on a forest retreat, trying to heal their marriage. When the Radha’s ex-lover, Abhishek, turns up with his son, the situation takes a turn for the worse as husband and lover lock horns. Primitive instincts surface, but a still more primal threat is lurking in the forest. As night falls, a leopard with a taste for human flesh stalks the weakest prey in the jungle – man.


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