The Pyramid Texts

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The Pyramid Texts

Director: Ludwig Shammasian & Paul Shammasian
Producers: Ludwig Shammasian & Cheyenne Conway
Feature-Length Drama

If we have been remiss in our life, and hurt the people we most love, is it ever too late to redress the balance? Ray, a lonely old boxer, desperately estranged from his son, records his loves, his regrets, and his greatest life lessons to a camera in an empty boxing gym. His is the desperate hope that no estrangement is permanent, and that it is never too late to say sorry.

We were stunned by actor James Cosmos‘s incredible performance in this film. The vision and direction by The Shammasian Brothers is very clear throughout and it was a pleasure to work with them. We are very proud of the final mix and feel it is one of our best dialogue mixes to date. We provided full sound post-production for this film.

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