Virtual Reality

Please see our virtual reality sister company Sound For VR for more information.

Virtual Reality and Immersive Audio Services

  • Sound Design: Bespoke 360º Sound Design utilising commercial and proprietary sound effect libraries and synthesis platforms.
  • Mixing: 360º Mixing using a range of technologies including the Audioease 360pan suite, the FB360 suite and the Dolby™ Atmos VR suite in our Pro Tools 12 HD systems.
  • Foley: Our Foley suite is purpose built and is well equipped with a full range of props for creating custom foley to enhance the reality of point sources.
  • Location Recording: We have a range of experienced recordists available who are fully equipped for location sound recording for 360º audio, including Soundfield™ microphones and multiple Lectrosonics™ radio microphones.
  • Delivery: We can create and deliver 360º content across many platforms including 1st and 2nd order Ambisonics, Youtube 360, Facebook 360, Oculus and Dolby Atmos VR – and can convert from stereo, 5.1 or 7.1 to any of these formats.
  • Consultation: We can be brought on to consult about the full process for delivering 360º audio for a project from any stage from script onwards, and design a workflow that ensures a successful delivery.