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Roland Heap

Roland is a London-based sound supervisor, and is the Managing Director of Sound Disposition. He started his career at the prestigious Abbey Road studios. Since then he has worked extensively as a sound designer, re-recording mixer, sound recordist and scoring mixer on films, documentaries, TV and corporate films, both in the UK, and in many other countries around the world. In his rare spare time he runs marathons and grows beards.

Murat Celikkol

Murat works as Sound Disposition’s primary ADR engineer as well as flexing his editing skills across sound effects, dialogue and foley. He has a constant desire to expand his knowledge into new areas; after 20 years in the industry the journey has more to give yet! Outside of work Murat is a doting father to his daughter, a keen cyclist and a total cinephile.

Mark Harris

Mark blends a passion for all things audio with a fanaticism for all things tech. Working in the Sound Disposition Rentals department, he gets to satisfy both passions, tending to the vast collection of microphones as well as making repairs and developing innovative solutions in the workshop with our in-house 3D printer and CNC Laser. When he’s not elbow-deep in a rack of equipment, Mark enjoys watching mockumentaries, pole-fitness, and listening to podcasts about Twitter drama.

Tom Beale

Tom is our resident dialogue editor, and a film fanatic. He graduated the University of Westminster with a first in film production, and has experience with location sound recording and picture editing. Whatever the challenges each project brings, Tom endeavours to keep the life and blood of the story through clever use of the ever expanding set of tools for dialogue clean up and an attention to detail when recording ADR with actors. He also likes to cook, read, travel, and is always looking to learn new things.

Simon Haupt

Simon first joined Sound Disposition during his industry placement year on the Tonmeister course but was welcomed back into the fold soon after as a full time employee and has been honing his sound design craft across a variation of projects ever since. In his spare time he is an electronic music producer; enjoying the intersection between sound design and music –  the beautiful grey area where these two facets of a soundtrack sing together as one in the storytelling process.

Karo Jedrzejczyk 

Karo is our head of Foley and acts as both an artist and recordist. Karo has contributed to a range of award-winning feature films, TV series, animations and documentaries. Besides her day to day work, she is also an inspiring educator, who collaborates with Abbey Road Institute, where she teaches Foley as a guest lecturer. Devoted tea addict and keen cyclist, she dreams of an opportunity to visit post-soviet closed cities. 

Veronika Malakhova

V’s passion for audio started with electronic music production and teaching, combined with a love for
travelling around Europe and Asia. When she made the decision to make the move from her native Ukraine to settle permanently in London she decided to completely dedicate herself to sound for TV and film. Now she explores fields of foley and other post production techniques in our not-so-exotic Tottenham studios!

Hannah Baker

Hannah is our bookings coordinator, Soho studio manager and all round organisational enthusiast. After starting her career in live broadcast she crossed over to the world of post-production and hasn’t looked back since. She has been a key player in the expansion of our ADR services in recent years and loves making clients feel welcome at our studios. Outside of Sound Disposition, Hannah enjoys travelling on a shoestring, good vegan food and obsessing over Beyonce.


Enos Desjardins

Enos is a Finnish/Canadian sound designer and sound effects editor based in London. Working on projects that range from independent films to TV dramas all the way through to high budget studio pictures, Enos approaches each project with the same desire to help the filmmakers realise their vision in the most powerful and interesting way.

Udit Duseja

Udit Duseja is a sound designer & composer currently based in London. Since 2008, he has honed his approach to explore the intersection between sound & music, creating experimental sonic experiences across many genres & forms. His expertise is wide; he has worked with filmmakers and artists from all over the world on narrative features, shorts, multi-channel film installations, and documentaries.

Jake Whitelee 

Jake Whitelee AMPS is a sound mixer with over 15 year’s experience in production sound mixing and recording on Film and TV productions, including drama, commercial and documentary projects. Jake is focused on finding ways to creatively collaborate with his fellow film makers to faithfully capture the performances given on set, using approaches ranging from tried and tested microphone placement techniques, to bespoke 3D aided design and printing. 

Marc Specter

Marc is a dialogue fanatic. He is an excellent dialogue editor, an occasional and idiosyncratic location recordist, and developer of software – including Kraken, a tool he created to troubleshoot post-production workflows. In the modern era of DSLR cameras, handheld audio recorde
rs, and easy access to video editing software, the path of a project’s audio from recording to completion is not always as smooth as it could be. With a combination of standard methods and proprietary software solutions, he can almost always make it work.