Remote ADR

Remote ADR

In these unusual times, Sound Disposition is offering a range of ADR solutions for artists who may not (or would prefer not to) leave their houses.

These can range from the simplest – assisting with recording down the line using client’s existing equipment – to the more complex, such as remote rigs and temporary studios. 

Shipped Rigs

The most popular option is our shipped rigs option. These are fully self-contained recording systems which we courier to the houses of the artists. We consult in advance about their room and internet connection, once the kit arrives we assist them with a brief setup, and then we can take complete control of the system remotely and the artist can focus entirely on their performance.

Key Points

  • Most professional solution (aside from visiting a studio)
  • Recommended for artists with many lines
  • Requires skilled remote ADR recordist which we provide
  • Uses bespoke software for full control of system
  • Familiar feel to artist with video streamers and beeps
  • Fast!
  • Sessions can be viewed and supervised by others remotely (such as director or ADR supervisor)


Once booked, the production will supply us with the usual assets required by an ADR studio – cues, video files, split wavs etc.

The day before the session, we ship to the artist’s house a rig comprising of a preconfigured and encrypted computer, Pro Tools, our custom software, and other software, plus all hardware configured as a fully-functioning remote studio. All equipment is to industry standards. This arrives safely packed and thoroughly sanitised. 

On the day, we assist the artist with a simple sub-20min setup in their home, under remote direction from us. Our ADR recordist then assumes control of the computer remotely, and can operate the session in a way that will be  entirely familiar to the artist, including video playback and streamers etc – all the artist needs to do is act. The recordist can monitor in high quality and in sync using a streaming solution. 

The session can also be shared with other participants including directors and ADR supervisors as required, all of whom can speak to the artist and view the video remotely from separate locations.

At the end of the session the audio files are securely transferred to the client and all local files are securely deleted.

Equipment and Requirements

We ship a self-contained rig with:

  • Preconfigured computer with all software
  • Industry-standard boom and lavalier mics
  • Professional remote-controllable audio interface
  • Headphones
  • Stands and cables
  • Additional sound treatment (if required)

The only thing we require from the artist is:

  • A quiet space
  • A broadband connection
  • 20mins to set up (can be done by someone with zero technical knowledge)

We can match in with most of the commonly used location mics. This includes:

  • Schoeps CMIT, Mini-CMIT, CMC-641
  • Sennheiser MKH416, MKH50, MKH60, MKE-2
  • Sanken Cos 11, 
  • DPA 4060, 4061, 6060, 4017
  • Countryman B3, B6

These systems have already conducted many successful sessions on a number of prime time TV series for Sky, Sky Atlantic, HBO and Netflix. 

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We can also offer:

Remote Studio

We can set up a remote studio in a rental property close to the house of the artist. This is suitable for situations where the artist does not have a quiet space at home, or is in lockdown with a number of young children. Once set up, the artist is provided with exclusive access to the property. All recording sessions are run completely remotely – the artist will be the only person at the property during sessions.

Self-Record Support

We can work with your performer to self-record, assisting them with technical setup, shipping them microphones or recorders either to keep or on rental, and coordinating a recording session remotely. ADR can be supplied fully fitted for approval.