Remote ADR

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Remote ADR

Sound Disposition was one of the first companies to offer a comprehensive remote ADR offering. The systems we developed during the pandemic have been refined through hundreds of hours of sessions and are now a first-choice option for many talent and productions. 

Our offering encompasses a range of options for situations where the artist is unable or unwilling to travel to a studio, including setups which travel to the location with an engineer, shippable rigs, and even remote studio configuration.

We are experts at remote connectivity and can stream sessions over virtually any relay method in areas with little or no internet or phone reception. We were the first company to offer ADR via Starlink.

Configuration Options

Broadly, our services encompass the following possible setups:

  • Full setup
    • This involves sending a recordist with a rig to the location of the artist (often their home). 
    • The recordist assembles the rig and runs the session, streaming to as many remote attendees as required.
    • This is our most commonly used method
  • Shippable rigs
    • This is where the bare essentials for an ADR session are compacted into a shippable single case which we send to the artist. Upon arrival, and after a simple guided setup, we log on and connect the system to our studio and record ADR
  • Remote contact-free studios
    • We install a temporary studio in a location of your choosing. We have full remote-control ability over the studio. The artist can attend the studio at timings of their choosing, entirely contact free, and we log in and remotely record them, streaming the session to ourselves and other participants anywhere in the world.

For all systems we offer the following options:

Zero-latency recording – both the artist and remote session attendees can see video and audio in perfect synchronisation Remote relay (via virtually any known relay method)ADR supervision including cue prep and charting (we use the industry-standard Edicue)
Streamers, beeps and even cue lights for cueingArtist tablets for Zoom or other meeting softwareContact-free handover and sterilised equipment

We are experts at remote relay of sessions to participants worldwide.  Relay methods we support include:

Source ConnectSource LiveAudiomovers
SpotterfishZoomGoogle Meet


Here is an example of some of the microphones we own and use on a daily basis. As mentioned before, we have so many mics we’ve started a rental house – look at our full collection of microphones here: Equipment Rentals



Our rigs have been used on a vast range of projects including:

DragonkeeperJurassic ParkRivieraBlack BeautyMare of Easttown The Weirdies (audiobook)Ted Lasso
The TowerI Hate SuzieSpacemanIrma VepPantheonDOTA (Defense of the ancients)Malltown (pilot)