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Creative Approach

We are happy to be booked for single ADR sessions or to manage the entire ADR process for you – including spotting, scheduling, handling talent & agents, booking transport etc. 

We go to great lengths to ensure the talent is well looked after and in the perfect headspace for a great ADR performance. 

We pride ourselves on being able to match any microphone used on set – try us! We have so many mics we’ve started a rental house – look at our wide variety of microphones here: Equipment Rentals

Technical Flexibility

During recording it’s all about the performance. We can match any microphone, even using a boom operator where appropriate. We encourage movement, perspective and natural micing and if desired can use actual radio mics during the session with realistic mounting.

We are experts at relaying the sessions to remote attendees – or acting as a receiving studio for artists located elsewhere in the world. We can connect via a plethora of means including Source connect and Zoom etc – please see the box at the side for a full list of technologies we can employ.

We use the excellent Edicue and Ediprompt (by Sounds In Sync) for cue preparation and artist streamers – we can receive cues in a variety of formats for ingestion into this system. We can also generate beeps and even use cue lights if required.

We have ultrafast fibre broadband so can upload your recordings virtually immediately at the end of the session.

Relay methods

We are experts at remote relay of sessions to participants worldwide.  Relay methods we support include:

Source ConnectSource LiveAudiomoversSpotterfish
ZoomGoogle MeetSkypeCleanfeed


Here is an example of some of the microphones we own and use on a daily basis. As mentioned before, we have so many mics we’ve started a rental house – look at our full collection of microphones here: Equipment Rentals


Crowd ADR

We have done dozens of crowd ADR recording sessions either in-person or via Cleanfeed. Currently we have capacity for 3 in-person attendees and up to 10 via Cleanfeed.