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Director: Luis Prieto
Producers: Christopher Simon, Rupert Preston, Felix Vossen, Allan Niblo
Drama, 89 mins

After a deal goes wrong, a London street dealer has 48 hours to repay a Serbian crime boss with a fondness for kneecapping his debtors.

Award-winning director Luis Prieto’s remake of a 1996 Danish film by Nicolas Winding Refn, who acted as executive producer on this edgy and explosive London-based version.

We provided full sound post-production on this feature.

In London’s seamy underbelly, drug dealer Frank (Richard Coyle) borrows money from his supplier, which he’ll pay back with the proceeds of his next surefire deal – easy money. But after the deal goes wrong, his life spins out of control as he desperately tries to pull together the cash by any means necessary. With the clock ticking, he tears through London’s nightclubs and strip joints, pursued by Serbian heavies who aren’t inclined to negotiate.


Director Luis Prieto swerves the usual London crime flick cliches to serve up a pulse-racing thriller with great performances and a thumping soundtrack from OrbitalDaily Star

…the same relentless narrative tempo that made the 1996 original so distinctive … ferocious drive and some very vividly drawn charactersThe Independent

The story and characters … have the capacity to sock you in the gut.Metro

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