Monsters and Rabbits

Director: Nicky Lianos
Producer: Nicky Moss, Donna Mabey
Short, 10 mins

Nicky Lianos (director of Dead Happy) directs this short film about monsters, moon-walks and what happens to your imaginary friend when you make your first real one.

Monsters and Rabbits won the Prix du Jury at Festival Du Cinema Franco Du Touquet in France, and was an official selection at many more (including the Edinburgh International Film Festival and the Munich International Short Film Festival).

We provided all sound services, including recording and post-production.

Shy, unassuming Michael is a lonely child, who spends his time in a fantastic world of his own imagining, with the large, bear-like Kenny (James Bachman) his only companion. The friendship is threatened, however, when Michael meets Becky. Becky, a lonely oddball just like Michael, offers the chance of friendship with another real person – but how will Kenny feel about being cast aside for a girl?

Monsters And Rabbits is a sumptuous looking film with a heart of gold, and it remains a pure treat from start to finish. – The Velvet Onion


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